Announcing SharePoint 2010 Technical Preview


Today, we’re announcing that SharePoint 2010 has reached the technical preview engineering milestone. The SharePoint team is running a limited, invitation only Technical Preview program. While we’re not sharing SharePoint 2010 details at this point, we did want to give our customers & partners a sneak peek at SharePoint 2010! We’re very excited about SharePoint 2010 and looking forward to the SharePoint Conference this October where we’ll talk about all the investment areas across workloads and the platform. What we’re sharing today is just a fraction of what will be in SharePoint 2010!

What is SharePoint 2010?
SharePoint 2010 is the business collaboration platform for the Enterprise & the Web that enables you to connect & empower people through an integrated set of rich features. Whether deployed on-premises or as hosted services, SharePoint 2010 helps you cut costs with a unified infrastructure while allowing you to rapidly respond to your business needs.


You can get a sneak peek here.

How can I get access to SharePoint 2010?
We will announce our Public Beta availability later this year and will have more information to share on how customers and partners can participate.

How do I get ready for SharePoint 2010?

Take a look here for getting ready guidance.

How do I learn more about SharePoint 2010?
For more information including videos & answers to frequently asked questions, visit our new SharePoint 2010 landing page.


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